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What would you do if your only child died mysteriously in another country and was buried sight unseen? Following the epic 10-year journey of an elderly Chinese couple searching for the truth behind their son’s death in Canada, what starts as a murder mystery becomes something else entirely. The film is a rare revelation of immigration, mental health and a Kafkaesque state bureaucracy at the heart of global migration.

Creative Team

Wang Ying
director, writer, producer, co-cinematographer

Su Jian Ping
producer, cinematographer

Lawrence Le Lam
editor, co-writer, associate producer

Jordan Paterson

Pieter Stathis, CSC
co-producer, cinematographer

Chang Yun-Jou
executive producer

Tyler Hagan
executive producer

Berlin Lu
leading actor

Daniel J. K. Ross

Phil Woolf
vocalist & composer

Matt Drake
sound designer & re-recording mixer

Tang Rui Qiang
associate producer

Zhang Wei

Natasha Damiano
associate producer, story editor

Ray Tan
visual effects

Yin Peng
associate producer, additional camera

Ceile Prowse

Trish Klein
music supervisor

Carmen Pollard
story consultant