Tang Rui Qiang

Tang Rui Qiang 唐瑞強

Associate Producer

It was in 2007 while working for Channel M (now the Chinese program at OMNI BC), Rui Qiang met the Dengs at a press conference in Vancouver and then passed the news about their lawsuit to Ying. From 2007 to 2009, Rui Qiang worked on the project as the camera operator and associate producer. Rui Qiang was also the cinematographer of Ying’s first film Sisters.

In addition to being involved in local independent film production, Rui Qiang has been working at OMNI BC as a news reporter and videographer for over 17 years. Before immigrating to Canada, Rui Qiang worked at Fuji Television Network in Japan for over 5 years and obtained his Master Degree in film post production at IMAGICA.