Chang Yun-Jou

Chang Yun-Jou 張雲柔

Executive Producer

Yun-Jou is an independent writer, translator, and producer committed to bold voices and innovative forms in storytelling and new media. Rooted in grassroots organizing, with a background in literature and social sciences, she situates her work at the intersection of art and community, and is drawn to stories that challenge, complicate and illuminate our relationship to society and to one another.

In 2016, Yun-Jou produced Underwater Chinatown, a multimedia exploration of Chinatown today. The project features eleven original digital stories from Vancouver’s Chinatown, and an interactive website on Cantonese Opera in Vancouver from 1895 to 1924, created by artists Deanne Achong and Faith Moosang. Yun-Jou is currently co-producing Surviving Samsara, a multimedia film and theatre project created by artist Kagan Goh based on his personal struggles with manic depression over two decades.

Yun-Jou is also the Executive Director of Cinevolution Media Arts Society, a grassroots women-run, migrant-led organization committed to exploring diasporic experiences and fostering intercultural dialogue through film and media arts.