“The dilemma came from, when I speak in English and when I speak in Japanese, I always felt like I had different personalities.”

Mayumi Yoshida is an actor, writer and director based in Vancouver, BC. As an award-winning writer/director she has been a leading force in emerging Asian-Canadian Cinema. She made her debut as a filmmaker with Akashi-あかし which she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in.

“Only when you’re neglected or abused, you realize you should not ever do anything hurtful to anybody else. Anyone else that includes the planet, the animals, the people, it’s everything. All beings. All kinds.”

Wanting Qu is a singer-songwriter who is based in Vancouver. She has won multiple Global Chinese Music Awards and Music Times Awards.

“It struck a chord with people, when I perform my poems or do storytelling, because not only do I speak for myself, but I also speak for those who have been silenced.”

Kagan Goh is a Vancouver-based multidisciplinary artist: award-winning filmmaker, published author, spoken word poet, playwright, actor, mental health advocate & activist.